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Volume 3(2)/2013

ISSN 2248-311X (print)

ISSN-L 2248-311X

First pages, 2013 Porc Res 3(2):i-iv.

Rogoz O., 2013 Porcine WAP c.75T>C substitution present in three different breeds. Porc Res 3(2):27-29.

Caisin L., 2013 Influence of the adsorbent “Vitacorm-Reo-M” on pigs’ growth dynamic and fodder conversion. Porc Res 3(2):30-35.

Tabaran A., Mihaiu M., Dan S. D., Mihaiu R., Cordis I. V., Cordea D., 2013 Incidence of Sarcocystis spp. infestation in pork and wild boar samples in Transylvania. Porc Res 3(2):36-39.

Cuevas M., Romero F., Parodi J., 2013 Reactive oxygen species can alter physiological parameters of sperm; the future of macromolecules in boar semen dilutions. Porc Res 3(2):40-48.