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Volume 2(1)/2012

ISSN 2248-311X (print)

ISSN-L 2248-311X

First pages, 2012 Porc Res 2(1):i-iv.

Suteu M., Vlaic A., Renaville R., 2012 A 44 amino acid porcine β-casein isoform. Porc Res 2(1):1-3.

Hettig A., Botha M., Miclea V., Zahan M., Roman I., Miclea I., Varo-Ghiuru F., Orlovschi D., 2012 Approaches in swine germplasm preservation: the effect of different cryoprotectant concentrations on immature oocyte vitrification. Porc Res 2(1):4-10.

Pandur I., Pacala N., Iezan V., 2012. The influence of oxytocin added to diluted boar semen on the main reproduction parameters calculated for Duroc sows that were artificially inseminated. Porc Res 2(1):11-15.

Petroman C., Petroman I., Pacala N., Untaru R., Marin D., Fraiu G., Avramescu D., 2012 Management of sow replacement rate. Porc Res 2(1):16-18.

Pacala N., Petroman I., Petroman C., Bencsik I., Dronca D., Nistor E., Cean A., Marin D., Pandur I., 2012 Observations on uterine infection frequency, during the puerperium period, in sows. Porc Res 2(1):19-22.

Marin D., Pacala N., Petroman I., Petroman C., Fraiu G., Untaru R., Ciolac R., 2012 Nursing management and its impact on weaned piglet weight. Porc Res 2(1):23-26.

Oroian T., Oroian R., Covrig I., Pascalau S., Cighi V., Chakirou O., Nistor S., 2012. Phenotypic characterization of the wild boar populations from the Sovata forest district, based on age and sex. Porc Res 2(1):27-34.